Your Biblical Message Breathed to Life

It’s essential the Church’s communication is loosed out into the world, not as just the letter, but with the Biblical life of God breathed into it. So our goal to expertly combine Biblical and spiritual understanding with our media expertise. 

Founder and Creative Director, Wendy J. Clark, has been creating media through graphics, concept, writing and design for over 25 years, specializing in Christian media since 2006.

As author of two biblical studies, Speak It®: 30 Days of Saturation in Healing and The Finished Work of Christ, with a third book on the way, she has established herself as an effective expository teacher of the Word of God, and she brings a rare depth of spiritual understanding and scriptural insight to Christian communication.

With over 100 hours of expository teaching available on YouTube, Wendy J. Clark’s ministry, Speak It® is impacting believers in over 30 nations. The mission of Impartation Media is to make biblical, spiritual impartation of the gospel of Christ worldwide.

Wendy J. Clark

Wendy J. Clark

Founder/Creative Director